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Different people have different stories. The same goes for students and, especially, the international ones. Often far from home, homesickness comes creeping up. Fortunately, there are mostly new made friends around to have a good time. The iZUN interviewed Jesus, a 22 years old IT student from Colombia, on The English program at ČZU and his life as a student.

What do you think of the Czech Republic?

I think, the Czech Republic is a country full of opportunities for students and young people. Czech people can live in a nice place with nice experiences and within a social context. 

What is your opinion of our university?

I believe this university is very good at management, there are very capacitated people at the top seeking for ways to improve the education and the experiences offered to students.


Does your country pay the local education?

In fact, it does pay local primary and secondary education, but students find themselves forced to strive in order to access high and specialized education, since there are not enough vacancies at public universities for all students applying to them.


Are there any differences between the education system here and in your country?

The education system there is a kind of different. We don’t have bachelors programs, but instead of common careers, which are shorter and students should spend there more years to get graduate.

How do you live your culture here in the Czech Republic?

I live it almost always since there are many places full of people, who follow Latin-American culture here in Prague.

Do you like Czech beer?

I love it! Pilsner and Gambrinus and, of course, Jeník here at ČZU.

Have you heard about ČZU before coming to the university?

  I was advised to come here by my sister, who lived in the Czech Republic.

What do you like most about ČZU?

I sincerely love this university because it offers English courses. The people at the international office are so nice to us. I have had very nice experiences here.

What do you like less about ČZU?

Nothing. I love everything in here.

Do you have Czech friends?

Yes, I have good Czech friends. I guess, I can make friends almost everywhere.

Do you usually go out at night? Where?

Yes, I often go out: to dance at clubs, discos, restaurants etc.

Are you feeling homesick?

No, not at all.

Tell us something about yourself...

I love dancing, sports, reading books and talking to people.

Sometimes adjusting to change can be very difficult. Can you think of a specific time when you needed to adapt to change and what steps you took in order to be successful at it? What was the outcome?

When I was at high school, my parents sent me to study to a very different city from the one that I was born in and grew up. People spoke Spanish there with a very different accent; it was hard because they laughed about my Caribbean ascent. I had to deal with it and learned this new way to speak my own language. I had my difficulties, but such us experiences make you richer and are part of this life. I found a lot to discover on sports and a spiritual life.


Why did you choose ČZU?

Because it offered me a better and more comfortable stance as a student.

Why did you choose your course? Tell me about what you have learnt.

I chose my course because I wanted to know more about IT, I have learned a lot of interesting things about it. And also about Economics, Law and even Philosophy.

Can you tell me something about your city?

For me it is one of the most beautiful cities in the world, I miss its weather and its always green and has a fresh environment.

What types of food do you eat there?

Mainly beef, sea food and Bandeja Paisa.

What facets of this experience at the Czech Republic have you been challenging?

Perhaps the language.

What is the general perception of the Czech Republic in your home country? Are those perceptions correct? In your opinion, what are the Czech Republic´s greatest strength and weaknesses?

I enjoy the very relaxing and safe life in the Czech Republic, there's a great transportation system, which helps the economy of the families, education is very good and supported by government. About the weaknesses, well, I could say that besides the weather, which is really cold for me, there is the quality of the tap water which is not so good.

And finally, our tradition. What do you think of poultry cages?

It reminds me of Platon's Allegory of the cave, where those animals, which are the prisoners, they have been there all their existence, to them the outer world will never exist and.

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